Bleeding heart


Whenever I’m happy, it’s always a premonition of sadness.

Whenever I feel loved, I fear rejection.

Whenever I laugh, it feels like a façade.

Whenever I seek attention, I berate myself.

Whenever I experience success, I feel underserving.

Whenever I want to push people away, I can’t seem to let go.

Whenever I want to love myself, somehow I always convince myself otherwise.

Whenever my mind is at ease, my heart cries silent tears.

My head is a war zone

and my heart is covered in shrapnel.

The heart doesn’t beat;

it bleeds.

— An anonymous escape from life 


Art by Sandra de la Cruz | @_drasan_ (Instagram)

19 thoughts on “Bleeding heart

  1. trans4nation says:

    The nature of depression in a poetic nutshell. I have felt all of those and more. A friend of mine does a cool little things. She puts up little sticky notes everywhere; written on them are affirmations: “You can do it.”, “You are beautiful”, “Don’t listen to the bad thoughts”,…

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