Indefinite hiatus + still struggling

As the title suggests, I’ll be taking an indefinite hiatus for the next month or so. Reason being, I have end of year exams coming up and a recital next week which I have barely prepared for. Usually I can manage my time well and whip up new posts every once in a while, but mental health issues have PEAKED– so much so that any time I have to spare is spent self-loathing or crying or stressing out or overthinking. It’s a terrible distraction from my study and at times I feel like I’m going to “lose it,” and fighting against all the negative thoughts doesn’t help either. I feel numb and so lost like I’m floating through each day and nothing seems to be going right and I have no idea how long I can endure this for.

So while I’m busy with my studies, I’ll be upcycling some of my old poetry works that I posted earlier on in the year, just to keep my blog active. Please keep in mind that I first started writing as a way to express my feelings at the time, so some of my poems/couplets/quotes are on the rather saddening side. However, that shouldn’t detract from the quality of my writing.

See you all in a few weeks’ time πŸ™‚



17 thoughts on “Indefinite hiatus + still struggling

  1. reflectionsbytheriver says:

    I want to say keep fighting but because I’ve been where you are these words are pretty empty and meaningless for you are fighting a battle, a true battle only you can fight and your survival depends on how well you can do that. So although the words may seem trivial the struggle is far from it. I pray you find a way to fight, fight with everything you have, you’re up against a horrific enemy, but one you can defeat, if only one day or one moment at a time.

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