Quest for self-love


I made the mistake of searching for love in others when I should’ve been searching for love within myself.

After all, a shattered vase cannot simply be repaired from the fragments of another.

That very fragment must come from within itself. It must be the same shape, same design, bear the same fractures and same angles. Only then will it be the perfect fit.

Even replicas are not completely identical.

I threw my broken self at the feet of others, expecting them to grant me an escape. Expecting them to love me. Expecting them to mend my broken pieces and make me whole again.

And when I shattered once more, I would blame them.

But why them? Why should I blame them for my own mistakes? For my own foolishness?

No one knows me better than myself. No one has better knowledge of their broken pieces than the owner of those fragments themselves.

I guess the only way to ever feel whole again, is to search for that self-love.

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