Birds can’t fly free in cages, can they?


There are some people that you’ll meet in your life that beautifully yet so simply can grant you happiness. So much so, that you become blinded to all their imperfections. All their flaws. All the qualities they deem to be inferior.

Sometimes, this isn’t always the best thing. Your heart begins to believe that they are wholly perfect. You’ll forgive them for their wrongdoings regardless of the severity. You’ll accept their queer habits and perceive them to be the norm. You’ll allow them to berate you both mentally and physically. You’ll allow them to break you over and over again. You’ll become numb to the pain, blinded by love. And you’ll become stubborn, refusing to let them go no matter what.

You’ll think to yourself—

I’m bursting at the seams,
jagged at the edges,
torn throughout and barely whole.
Yet, that single fraying thread of hope;
I will never let go of.

Yes, it may seem hard to let someone so deeply nestled in your heart go. Remember that life is never meant to be easy. To simply remove the shackles off your limbs isn’t magic. To simply erase someone from your memory isn’t like backspacing letters on a screen. But birds can’t fly free in cages, can they?

Your freedom is worth much more than the significant other you loved wholeheartedly, but at the same time tore you apart.


Art by Fernando Cobelo | @fernandocobelo (Instagram)

8 thoughts on “Birds can’t fly free in cages, can they?

  1. yeahthatjess says:

    wow thats hit a nerve😐 i wondered if you had any other social media accounts at all. i absolutely love this blog, would love to get to know you. my username is @yeahthatjess on most things if you prefer to respond privately. thank you for your posts❤️

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