False hope


The first time my eyes were drawn to you, I didn’t see the future, more like perfection in that very moment. You were the epitome of everything I loved in a guy: everything I yearned for, wished for, spent my whole life scouring my soul for.

I thought that I was lucky, yet this preordained fate of ours refused to let it happen. You made me realise that I was someone valuable, that I had worth. You treated me like a treasure. You made me feel special. And you made me feel loved.

For some reason I never saw it coming. To think back on those moments, I must’ve been blinded. I never expected you to leave as quickly as you had come. There had never been a maybe, perhaps or temporarily. In what I thought was my right mind, it has always been forever.

And here I am, dwelling on memories that never deserved to be evoked. Picking at that scab on my once-broken heart. That false hope.


Art by Cynthia TedyΒ (Tumblr)Β 

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