My heaven cast me into the pits of hell


The thing is,
when I fell into that ocean of despair,
I wanted to feel your
godsent arms wrap around
my torso and push me to the surface.
The last thing I expected you
to do was scatter my broken pieces
across the ocean like ashes.
You didn’t restore my serenity.
My home was never the ocean;
to me those darkened waters
were the writhing pits of hell.

— An anonymous escape from life

//A.N. Just finished reading Amanda Lovelace’s “The Princess Saves Herself In This One” and pardon my opinion but the format of her so-called poetry is utterly ridiculous! I debated whether or not to make this post into a poem-style or prose, and thought why not just bash the enter key like she does? 😂


Art by @risfloat (Instagram)

11 thoughts on “My heaven cast me into the pits of hell

  1. A Clumsy Wordsmith says:

    Despite apparently bashing the enter key, your poem flows really well! (maybe its just because i’m a huge enjambment fan :p) You write so beautifully.

    Liked by 1 person

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