My once-blackened world

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Often I’ll see those videos on social media where colour-blind children are gifted special glasses that enable them to see colour. It’s the most beautiful yet heartbreaking thing to watch, knowing that they treasure so wholeheartedly and have been devoid of what we normal human beings take for granted.

Yet being completely healthy, somewhere deep inside of myself, I’ve seemed to have found empathy.

I remember the moments when I had been inevitably thrust into that blackened pit of despair. The world that was supposedly vibrant seemed drained of colour in my eyes. Even pure black and white at times. I could appreciate nothing, see nothing, and feel nothing. Like a wrung out cloth I was parched of all clarity and comprehension. People would see things differently to how I saw them, and understand things differently to how I understood them– just like one child seeing red and the other unable to distinguish the colour. The world was confusing, a constant war between my head and heart. I was isolated, lonely, lacking of the enjoyment everyone so easily seemed to have. Many times I had tried to find a lifeline- a cure, but my efforts were always in vain.

That was when I was gifted my very own pair of special glasses. That special someone. He guided me through my struggles, lended his shoulder to cry on, listened to me, supported me, respected me, and even if he couldn’t he’d try to understand me. And all at once, eventually my monochrome world burst forth with colour.

I’ll forever remember the moment tears of joys streaked down my cheeks, just like those happy children.


// A.N. There’s a bit of a sad twist that I decided to leave out of this prose. While I’ve been gifted a pair of special glasses, I can’t decide whether they are genuine or not. At times my world is coloured, and at other times it’s pitch black. Hopefully I’ll reach the happy ending of my wishes.


Artwork by 째찌 (Grafolio)

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