I know that I’m wasting time on you.
I know that you don’t love me
the same way as I love you.
I know that I’m holding onto
something that’s burning my palms
raw with every passing second.
But the thing is,
while my head seems to know this
my heart is still that small, innocent child
playing hopscotch,
brushing a doll’s hair
and believing in love at first sight.

— An anonymous escape from life


Art by Heo Jiseon | @yuugi83 (Instagram)

6 thoughts on “Innocence

  1. A Wondering Wanderer says:

    You touched on a good point. I feel that people who are all “grown up” at heart don’t fully realize the difficulties of leading a life of innocence, of being a child at heart, in a world that’s always expecting you to act your “age”. The constant struggle and juggling of the two roles can be quite tiresome at times, but we can only hope that the “innocence” will somehow find a way stay just that.

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