Scattered beauty

Scattered beauty

They say broken is beautiful
but sometimes I struggle to
find beauty in those jagged edges,
fragmented light bouncing off
at imperfect angles and
pieces rough to the touch.
But I say
there is nothing more exciting than
putting together a puzzle
even if that puzzle is broken
pieces of your soul
that isn’t to say that you are a toy,
it’s to say that there is beauty in
piecing you together.

— An anonymous escape from life


Art by @sidraws_ (Instagram)

23 thoughts on “Scattered beauty

  1. MOMENTS says:

    Hello Abbey, I read your blog presentation in the About section and liked it very much. Out of the hardest moments in life we are able to craft something that helps us overcome the pain where each one of us carry our emotional backpack. I do respect your wanting to remain anonymous. Sounds reasonable given the exposure in our current digital world where we never know what might happen. Love the smiley on your face, the lake beside you and the powerful text below. You are clear and informative about your blog and I like structured work. Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog. I really appreciate that. As for this beautiful poem of yours, all I can say is that I find it also deeply phisolosophical; you write about the core of human existence. Your puzzle image is lovely. Can we recompose the pieces of a broken soul as in a puzzle? Your poem bears a slight resemblance to a poem of mine, though the topic and the style are different:

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  2. breakingthechains2018 says:

    This is fantastic! I too think that there’s something so beautiful about brokenness. I actually wrote an essay at one point about how I view my life as a broken mirror. The pieces are shattered all over the ground but I constantly find them and each time a find a shiny new piece of me, I find a more complete and beautiful image of my life. I love this.

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