Why I’ve stepped away from blogging

Hi all 🙂

Well…it’s been ages since my last update and I apologise. So much has happened these past few months of me being away from blogging and I’ve got plenty of news for you.

These past few months I’ve completed high school and finished my final exams, along with various other musical and relational commitments. However, those aren’t the main reason why I stopped blogging for so long.

A few of you may say…”But you were still posting your writing!” Why that is the case, is because earlier on in the year I had drafted about 20+ posts to make it easier for me to maintain a schedule while juggling school. I kept these going until I finally ran out some time ago, and decided to finallyyy post an update explaining everything.

I’m sure a lot of you picked up a variation in the poetry and poems I was posting. Some of them were extremely loving and full of affection and admiration while others spoke of heartbreak and suffering. Truth is, in April I started going out with a boy after being beaten down emotionally by Mitch (pseudonym for a childhood friend who toyed with me), and he became the subject of most of my updates. I didn’t want to expose this because I was still cautious of the fact that my Mum/sister have been on my blog before and Mum would never approve of this relationship during the last year of school. This relationship has stayed strong until now and last month we both confessed to our parents, given the green light! Our parents met at graduation and we went out for dinner and everything is going well. Hence: the writing posts that were more affection were based off my feelings were my boyfriend, and the more darker posts were pre-drafted posts based off Mitch.

The main reason why I stepped away from blogging altogether was because my boyfriend wasn’t keen on the idea that I was sharing my emotions and life to a wider audience other than him. He wanted to be the only person who had access to that. Though it may sound as though he’s being possessive and overbearing by saying that, I decided to respect his decision and stop blogging. I understood him entirely and though I was a little disappointed that my efforts would go to waste, I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable or troubled by this.

Not only have I stopped blogging because of that, but I’ve hit an indefinite block in writing. I’ve found other things in life that I want to pursue and writing unfortunately has been put in the back of my mind for now. It’s not the proudest thing to say; having a large following and a strong blog and finally coming out to put it on hold for an unspecified length of time is frustrating to say the least…I have no idea if I’ll ever revamp this, or turn this into a archive of my writing, or stop blogging altogether. I really don’t know.

As my originally blog started off as a mental health venting/unhealthy habit blog (if I’m to be honest, it wasn’t the healthiest thing), I’m happy to say that things are a lot better now. My other half is the most supportive person in the world and while there are ups and down we always manage to solve them constructively and learn. So in terms of that…a big thumbs up!

This was only supposed to be a short update hah…which has turned into more of a ramble. My apologies again for going AWOL and hopefully I can return soon 🙂

All the best,

Abbey xxx





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