It’s been a year

Wow. Hi guys.

It’s been a solid year since the last time I posted. Crazy huh? And I guess this time, it’s literally: new year, new me.

I’m sorry for those who were worried, I know a lot of people really enjoyed my writing and looked forward to every single one of my posts. I was at the peak of my blogging, my post engagement was skyrocketing, and then I just…disappeared.

In my last post I mentioned that I had gotten myself into a relationship, and therefore there was no more “content” to post because prior to that, blogging had been a creative outlet for me to vent my feelings and depressive state of mind. As soon as I got a boyfriend, I thought that life would be fun and games, it would be peaceful, I’d never shed any tears again and my heart would be always full.

Well I was totally wrong.

Long story short, we’ve split. The relationship had begun to turn sour quite early on, but I ignored all the red flags and pushed on. It was such a terrible decision on my behalf and by doing this I essentially endorsed all his inexcusable behaviour and made things even worse. It was a relief to leave the relationship and there are no hard feelings or grudges between us (I hope), so that’s a bonus. And through that relationship, I’ve definitely come out as a stronger, self-loving person- so that’s a huge bonus!

I don’t know why I felt compelled to come back here and post an update. It’s been such a long time… I don’t know if I’ll have anything to write, I don’t know if people still remember me one year on. My priorities have changed, my feelings have changed, I’m literally a new person. But I realise: I miss blogging. I miss writing out my feelings, no matter what they are. I miss the feeling of responding to comments and feeling included and loved in the WordPress community. I know that so many people loved my writing and I feel like I’ve let them down.

So here’s a small update regarding my life situation, or any new facts and information that have popped up over the past year!

  1. I’ve just completed my first year of university! It was a rather cruisy year with no major “study-related” dramas so all is well in that area.
  2. A month ago I went to Japan with Mum. It was such a rewarding experience with just us two and was so much fun! I often lie in bed and wish that if I opened my eyes, I’d be back in that small town we stayed in…
  3. I’ve decided to start baptismal preparation studies. FINALLY. After so many years of rejecting God and feeling so burdensome as a Christian, being in a toxic relationship finally shed light on everything that had been in the shadows my entire life. I’ve never felt more free.
  4. I’ve picked up the unique hobby of crocheting. I sell my things too! Please hit me up if you’re based in Australia, I’d love to help out wherever I can!
  5. I’m going on a music camp in just over a week! After not getting through the audition process for this year’s camp, it was so exciting to make it through for the 2020 camp.

Writing-wise, I don’t know if this post signals my return. I do have some feelings/ideas that I’d love to type out, but I haven’t written in a year, which makes it a bit rough and tough and rusty. I’ll make a decision in the next week. I am planning on removing a lot of old posts and starting afresh, so if you see some changes to my blog or a new post, that means: YES! I’M BACK! If not…this may just be an update to let you know that I do want to return, I just don’t know when and how.

Hope you all have been healthy and well, all my love ❤

Abbey xxx






4 thoughts on “It’s been a year

  1. Grace Lucille says:

    So happy to hear from you again! And glad to hear you are doing well. Please, always keep writing! Not necessarily blogging or for sharing, but the simple act of writing to process your feelings and experiences. It’s so helpful.
    And we love reading your process so I’m always happy if you want to share 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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