Songs of my heart

If words fail, I hope that you can still hear the songs of my heart *** Artwork: In This Moment Forever... by lardacil (DeviantArt)

I may have been sad, but I don’t regret breaking up with you

I knew it was going to be hard when we first broke up, but perhaps I wasn't as prepared as I thought. It was really hard to see any light in my life, let alone feel it. I'd stare at my ceiling first thing in the morning, reliving all our happy moments with tears streaming … Continue reading I may have been sad, but I don’t regret breaking up with you

Healing is

Healing is: Accepting that life isn't perfect, that people and experiences exist for a reason– whether that reason be to knock you down so you can find strength within yourself or to make you realise that you are so worthy of love, not only from others but from yourself. — An anonymous escape from life … Continue reading Healing is


I remember that when I was young happiness was fleeting, but abundant, love was shallow, but surrounding, sadness was a concept I never understood and life was taken for granted. Now I'm older and have dreamt of death's door, I've swum in a sea of my own tears and swallowed the key to my own … Continue reading Youth