Why I’ve stepped away from blogging

Hi all 🙂 Well...it's been ages since my last update and I apologise. So much has happened these past few months of me being away from blogging and I've got plenty of news for you. These past few months I've completed high school and finished my final exams, along with various other musical and relational … Continue reading Why I’ve stepped away from blogging


Book giveaway! – Happy Guide

I was recently given a copy of the Happy Guide by Michael Kinnaird to review. THREE readers will also have the chance to win a copy of this book! (see details below) I'm very much a person who tends to judge books by their covers, and this book wouldn't have been my first pick. However, … Continue reading Book giveaway! – Happy Guide

Blog updates

As mentioned in THIS POST I've taken a major turn in terms of the direction of my blog. Hence, I've recategorized my writing into poetry and prose, and a personal section. Prose will include my longer pieces of writing, poetry will include all my poems, and the personal section with be a combination of life … Continue reading Blog updates