You matter to me

I know I'm not good at giving you my heart. Trust me when I say that my inability to properly express my feelings and my aversion to vulnerability has eaten me up on the inside countless times. That whenever I tear my heart off my sleeve and shove it down my throat it burns. I … Continue reading You matter to me

Aversion to love

I hate falling in love. You know why? When I fall for someone, it's like falling into a deep pit. A seemingly bottom, dark abyss. There, I'm given two solutions– One: to wait for that very person I fell for to rescue me, to love me, to throw me a lifeline and guide me safely … Continue reading Aversion to love


I built stone walls around my heart to avoid getting hurt. Little did I know that it would stop me from feeling too. How ironic, that sometimes numbness hurts more than pain.

Internal battle

I hate that I've been wearing a facade for as long as I can remember. I hate that I've hidden my emotions. I hate that I've faked happiness, laughed the tears away, thrown myself aside for others. Why, you may ask? Call me selfish, but now that I'm genuinely loved by someone, genuinely cared for … Continue reading Internal battle