It’s okay to be selfish

I constantly try to remind myself that it's okay to be selfish. It's okay to shut myself in my room, to want to have extra time to myself. It's okay to reject social outings in favour of quiet activities. It's okay to have a cry, to ask for someone's immediate support. As long as I'm … Continue reading It’s okay to be selfish

Healing is

Healing is: Accepting that life isn't perfect, that people and experiences exist for a reason– whether that reason be to knock you down so you can find strength within yourself or to make you realise that you are so worthy of love, not only from others but from yourself. — An anonymous escape from life … Continue reading Healing is

I never loved myself

When I lost you, I lost myself. When I found you, I found myself. When I needed you, I needed myself. But when I loved you I never loved myself. — An anonymous escape from life *** Art by Pietro Tenuta | Instagram

Dust of us

I thought you loved me. Little did I know that the chapters we wrote together were sitting in their volumes, pages yellowing and tattered, eaten by dust. — An anonymous escape from life *** Art by @sparksflyidraw | Instagram  

Falling for you

I fear the tiniest things: heights tight spaces spiders criticism attention darkness yet I don't fear the fall when loving you. — An anonymous escape from life *** Art by @poetryncolor (Instagram)

Feeling human

I didn't think I'd have anything to thank you for, but the scars the tears the heartbreak the pain the sleepless nights the drenched pillows; they're the only things that keep me human. — An anonymous escape from life *** Art by @ceruleanwax (Instagram)