Aversion to love

I hate falling in love. You know why? When I fall for someone, it's like falling into a deep pit. A seemingly bottom, dark abyss. There, I'm given two solutions– One: to wait for that very person I fell for to rescue me, to love me, to throw me a lifeline and guide me safely … Continue reading Aversion to love

Suicide: is it really taken seriously these days?

Recently a student in my chemistry class committed suicide. The teachers were all notified, and in every single class I attended that day, the same message was relayed to us. "We have sad news to bring you. Unfortunately, over the weekend a Year 12 student died suddenly. If you seek any support there are support … Continue reading Suicide: is it really taken seriously these days?

Inner warrior

And sometimes I'll stop fighting against the pain. To let it engulf me, to let my soul burn from inside out, to let the tears flow and extinguish the flames is easier than walking from a battle knowing that the villain was myself. — An anonymous escape from life *** Art by @ceruleanwax | Instagram

Loving yourself

To me, the hardest relationship isn’t with a fallen out lover or unrequited love. It’s the conflicting relationship between my heart and head. It’s the relationship with myself. *** Art by Cami Dobrin