I remember that when I was young happiness was fleeting, but abundant, love was shallow, but surrounding, sadness was a concept I never understood and life was taken for granted. Now I'm older and have dreamt of death's door, I've swum in a sea of my own tears and swallowed the key to my own … Continue reading Youth

A star in you

She was just another girl waiting for the next meteor shower following horoscopes wishing on birthday candles and gazing up at the night sky. That was when I told her: Darling, why look for stars outside when they're inside you? — An anonymous escape from life *** Art by @pride_nyasha (Instagram)

Loving yourself

To me, the hardest relationship isn’t with a fallen out lover or unrequited love. It’s the conflicting relationship between my heart and head. It’s the relationship with myself. *** Art by Cami Dobrin 


When my hands and lips didn't seem to mould with yours the only thing you did was shove me back in the kiln determined to reshape me. Don't you know that overfired clay cracks? — An anonymous escape from life *** Art by @sandra.cumplido (Instagram)