You matter to me

I know I'm not good at giving you my heart. Trust me when I say that my inability to properly express my feelings and my aversion to vulnerability has eaten me up on the inside countless times. That whenever I tear my heart off my sleeve and shove it down my throat it burns. I … Continue reading You matter to me


This pure loving soul of mine designed to speak Words of such beauty and deep affection, Fuelled by your touch, the warmth I seek And your melting smile, a face of utter perfection. When my spirit is parched and tears cascade And fill each well and waterfall of what lies within, You take my hand … Continue reading Facade

To love or to leave

The reason why I kept silent about my pain was because there were only two ways to relieve me: To love me, or to leave me. And you could do neither. *** Artwork by @endmion1 (Grafolio)

Loving yourself

To me, the hardest relationship isn’t with a fallen out lover or unrequited love. It’s the conflicting relationship between my heart and head. It’s the relationship with myself. *** Art by Cami Dobrin 

My once-blackened world

The world was confusing, a constant war between my head and heart. I was isolated, lonely, lacking of the enjoyment everyone so easily seemed to have. Many times I had tried to find a lifeline- a cure, but my efforts were always in vain.